I am a songwriter, music producer and qualified teacher currently based in Nottingham, working within a fairly broad pop genre.

Below, you can find a list of the services that I am able to offer.

To the side of this post, you can find my contact details. Please feel free to get in touch and discuss your project, even just for a chat. Perhaps you are unsure of what exactly your project entails – I can help you pinpoint your needs.

In addition to my recording work, I research a variety of topics related to the creation and exploration of popular music, as well as the issues surrounding popular music. I am particularly interested in topics of  nostalgia and retrofuturism within modern popular music.


I hold a Masters (MMus – Distinction) in Songwriting from Bath Spa University, and a BA in Music Production (first class) from Leeds College of Music. I am also a qualified teacher, and hold a PGDE in Post Compulsory Education from Nottingham Trent University.


I work from a small studio based in Nottingham City Centre in which I can host writing and production sessions. The studio is fully equipped for production of all genres.

Songwriting & Composition

I have experience in both writing for artists, as well as collaborating with them. I pride myself in helping artists create work that is cohesive both with their image and sound, but also with their initial vision for the project. I also offer topline writing (vocal line only) for producers.

In addition to my work with artists, I am happy to write to order – this could be for TV, film, advertisements. In these cases I am able to deliver a finished product, and am able to source a vocal performer from the wide variety that I have regularly worked closely with. I am also experienced in the composition of library tracks.

Here are some examples of tracks that I have both toplined and performed on as a vocalist:


As a producer, I specialise in electronic/synth pop, often with a retro edge. My productions often involve integrating organic elements with synthesised sound. Generally I find that the writing and production of electronic music go hand in hand. Being involved in both processes provides me with the best opportunity for the artist to find their sound. As my production methods generally involved working very closely with artists, I generally prefer to get involved with a project at an early stage.

I currently work entirely within Logic Pro and am qualified to Apple Professional standard (level 1).

Here are some examples of tracks that I have both produced and worked on as a songwriter:

Artist Development

I am particularly interested in artist development, and am constantly on the lookout for new artists to work with. I can provide songwriting and production services as listed above, as well as helping artists develop their career and find their sound and style. If you are an artist that is looking to develop their sound, please get in touch. I can also connect you with the right people to develop your visual and promotional image too.


I am currently performing as a solo artist under the name SJBRAVO – a retro-futuristic pop project. For many years I have performed as a vocalist and instrumentalist, within a variety of genres.

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